Our supervision solutions are built, like a puzzle, by assembling different components (Milestone products and / or plug-ins), according to the target security system functional. By offering a full range of professional services, IPARTNER will provide with the software expertise you need to implement your security project.

Milestone Products and Support


XProtect open platform

The Milestone XProtect platform is a module of our supervision offer. It provides video surveillance generic functions : recording, viewing, searching and broadcasting. This platform offers the widest hardware compatibility for video protection systems. It guarantees performance and compliance with regulations. Its graphical operating interface (Smart Client, Web client, Mobile Client) can be enhanced by integrating software extensions (Plug-ins). IPARTNER is able to implement all the variations of the XProtect range :

  • XProtect Essential+
  • XProtect Express et Express+
  • XProtect Professional et Professional+
  • XProtect Expert
  • XProtect Corporate

IPARTNER, trusted partner of integrators, renews periodically the capacity certifications validated by Milestone:

To extend the functionality of your standard monitoring tool, IPARTNER integrates plug-ins from the Milestone community and offers its own creations, such as :


When the security system integrates media other than video alone, DATA CONNECTOR provides the control / command interface between the connected security devices (excluding real time video stream) and the supervision core. It collects, records and disseminates data and instructions from access control systems, intrusion detection, sound detection, gas detection, fire, automation, measurement sensors, etc. It consolidates the data collected and adapts the processing and alert rules.

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Plug-in EVENTS

The EVENTS plug-in offers advanced event management: alarm filtering, graphical alarm processing interface, inference engine.

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When the standard graphical operating functions do not cover all the specific needs of the users’ business, software extensions are available: vector mapping or interactive GIS, constitution of evidence files, business workflow.

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Plug-in WALL

WALL plug-in is dedicated to the management of multi-source video walls: video stream from the XProtect system, ONVIF video stream, VNC stream (remote desktop from a remote PC), Web stream.

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HIK Vision Products and Support

IPARTNER integrates HIK Vision’s video equipment (fixed cameras, mobile cameras, plate reading systems) within its unified supervision platform in order to allow a full exploitation of these tools.

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Plug-in DUTY LOG (Dailybook)

DUTY LOG makes it possible to keep an official trace of the facts which have occurred in your city or on your private site. It is the reference tool to simplify the filing on current register, to measure the activity of the police forces, to quickly realize annual statistical activity reports and to provide dynamic dashboards for managing public security actions in the territory.

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From taking infractions pictures to the remote transmission of electronic reports to the processing authority, this software component simplifies the treatment of the verbalization workflow using the video equipment from your video protection system.


On a territory, when security systems must be integrated into a coordinated set of independent and cooperating systems, PARTNER GATEWAY makes it possible to master the standardized exchange of real-time or recorded video streams.

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