The trusted partner for security system integrators

With more than 20 years of experience in the development of supervision software dedicated to goods and people security and involvement in the implementation of more than 300 operational projects, IPARTNER team provide a unique expertise, combine with advice, technology and practical field experience.

Today, IPARTNER proposes a global range of products, services and customizable solutions, at a controlled budget, and adapted to the users’ businesses: defense, smart cities, critical infrastructures, roads and tunnels, public transport, ports and airports.

Our offer is built for partner integrators whose objectives are to provide their customers an optimized operating tools for their security systems.

Our experience combined with constant technological monitoring and our passion for innovation give an exclusive character to our supervision solutions. We develop software extensions (plug-ins) that allow the best customization of the security systems software used in your command and operating rooms.

Since its creation, IPARTNER is proud of his innovative solutions and his original market proposition as well as theses many references. Based in France, in Toulon metropolis, IPARTNER is also located in the United Arab Emirates and in North and West Africa.

Our values

The most advanced security systems integrate a multitude of hardware and software subsystems with often different origins. They coexist within a unique information system, without always cooperating.

The use of a unified supervision software platform, open to evolving market standards, facilitates the integration of these sub-systems. It guarantees their cooperation and promotes the gradual development of a true concept of integrated security for professional security command centers.

Our unified supervision platform takes into consideration the specificities of each context of use, each project, each site. Our ability to develop or integrate software extensions specific to each business allows extreme customization of your platform.

By creating a close partnership with Milestone, world leader in VMS (Video Management System), IPARTNER is positioning as a leading French XProtect platform software specialist.

Our methodology

IPARTNER proposes to security systems integrators a range of professional services to help them in the study, deployment and maintenance in operational conditions of unified supervision solutions.