Our ambition and our values

IPARTNER is a French, independent company, born from the meeting of passionate IT professionals and driven by the same ambition to offer their partners and customers the best of information technologies for their security systems supervision projects.

IPARTNER’s values, Innovation, Excellence, Transparency and Rigor are at the heart of each of the projects we realize.

Experts in supervision solutions

Since 2000, our experienced team has more than 300 achievements in this area. It has all the necessary skills, from the design to the implementation of the most complex supervision software for your integrated security projects:

– Creation of personalized business solutions …

– Information systems architecture

– Project management and software product development

– Knowledge of security products and market players […] audio detection, image analysis, etc.)

IPARTNER has also increased its knowledge and expertise around the products of the Danish company, Milestone.

A team at your service

IPARTNER is composed by an experienced multidisciplinary team whose leading members are :

Ouanongo OUATTARA: Management of software developments and systems integration ouanongo.ouattara@ipartner-it.com

Christophe SANCHEZ: business development and project management christophe.sanchez@ipartner-it.com

Jean-Frédéric VINCIGUERRA: development of technological partnerships and communication jean-frederic.vinciguerra@ipartner-it.com

Any question, any information, contact us.